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Tag - YA romance

Jayda’s Christmas Wish (Novella)

  Jayda’s junior year started off bad when her boyfriend dumped her, and then, it became worse when her mom got laid off. With every week that her mom doesn’t find a new job, things get tighter. Now, the...

Summer Unplugged

  Bayleigh is addicted to her cell phone and her mom has had enough. After catching her sending a less than ladylike photo to a boy who barely knows her, Bayleigh’s mom sends her away to her grandparent’s...

Kissing Magic

  *** UK CODES ONLY *** Kiss him. Don’t fall in love. Break a spell with a kiss. Karina has heard and seen enough weird stuff for this request to sound legit. At 16, Karina has a shot at adventure–and an odd...

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